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Eco Lawn Bots

Robotic Lawn MowersOr also called a “lawnbot” these nifty little machines can clean up your lawn quietly and efficiently. You’d be surprised how efficient these lawn mower robots are, automatically mowing your lawn based on your predetermined schedule. If they get low on battery they automatically go back to their base station for charging!

They don’t look like robots in the traditional sense, they are more akin to a hybrid between your iRobot Roomba to vacuum your carpet and a traditional lawnmower (minus the gas engine & handle).

The advantages of being electric and autonomous are plenty. With all the loud noise of heavy machinery in your yard from the traditional landscaping services, its not hard to imagine why someone would want a lawn mowing drone doing the work for them, nice and quietly! Many satisfied customers are enjoying the benefits of a low carbon footprint automated service and reduced waste clippings, now you can too!


Just like your run-of-the-mill gasoline lawnmowers, there are various brands and manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers. Some of them are:

  • Husqvarna Automower
  • Worx
  • Robomow 
  • Honda

Hiring a professional to implement your Eco Lawn Bot is crucial to ensure your long term success. We will provide a full site survey analysis to determine the best use of your lawn technology. We take care of the full site design, installation of all components, test, program, and ongoing service of the equipment. Types of ongoing service include:

  • 24 hour monitoring for full reporting & diagnostics
  • GPS tracking via the phone app and remote capabilities 
  • Ongoing schedule of maintenance to ensure optimal performance

When the warm months come to an end, we take in the equipment for storage and service to provide our customers a fresh conditioned equipment when the new spring and summer seasons comes back. When the weather makes a turn for the better, we come back and re-assess the needs, reconfigure, and properly configure everything for another successful season.


So if you’re looking for a professional company to implement an eco-friendly lawn mowing solution, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your needs. We currently provide service for the entire Chicagoland area so if you have needs in the city of Chicago, or in the suburbs such as Schaumburg or Naperville, we can provide a full turn-key solution for your property.